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How the app works?(HWSS)


   Active For Good

After downloading the app, sign in using your 127-***


    Sync your     phone

Go into settings and go to my info & trackers and sync your phone, Fitbit, or Garmin, so that it can track your steps and convert it into good points.


Enter Event Code 

Go into settings and click on join new challenge, and input the code given to your school at the start of the challenge


   Add your own       activities

You can even add your own activities by pressing the big plus sign at the bottom of the screen. Remember when using this be truthful, don't cheat!


If you are a parent or do not have a school email address, you will need to get your email added to the challenge before you can join. Send an email to and mention the school challenge you would like to join. Your email will be added and you will receive a reply when you can join.

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