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What is MOVE4MANA?

MOVE4MANA is a student-led initiative that educates high school students about malnourished children in developing countries.

By encouraging physical activity, students earn Active Points, which are then converted into Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF). These packets save the lives of children under the age of five suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM).

It's that simple! 

Get active = Save children's lives!

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What is SAM?

When young children become severely malnourished, they are nine times more likely to die compared to healthy children. Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) is a condition that presents itself

as extremely low weight for height, visible and severe wasting, and/or the presence of edema.

Globally, there are an estimated 14 million children suffering from SAM*.


* source UNICEF

What is RUTF?

RUTF is a fortified peanut paste that has been carefully formulated to provide a child's basic nutritional needs. It has been heralded by Doctors Without Borders as a miraculous cure for children whose malnutrition is so acute, the most likely prognosis is death. RUTF brings these children back to a healthy nutritional level

within 4-6 weeks. 

How Does MOVE4MANA Work?

Students Get Active!
Students track their physical activity on the MoveSpring app


RUTF Earned
Activity Minutes are converted into Active Points, which in turn are converted into RUTF packets. Our generous sponsor, Food For Famine Society, donates the RUTF



World Vision Canada organizes the distribution of the RUTF packets to children under the age of 5 in developing countries

Local Business Sponsors

Secondary Schools and Universities can host a

7 or 15-day fitness challenge and invite local businesses to get involved.  Local business contributions will enable the Team to reward and motivate the participants.

Thank you in advance for your consideration to support MOVE4MANA, your contributions will enable us to reward and motivate the participants!

The school teams would be grateful for 
donation items, gift cards and gift certificates.

Active Points = RUTF for children in Somalia ! 

Thanks to Centennial Secondary School!

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Take a Closer Look

Host a MOVE4MANA Event at Your School 

 Our Sponsor's Global Impact 



24, 435,000

packets shipped*



children's lives saved!


in British Columbia


High Schools have hosted

*since 2011

Join Us

Get YOUR school

involved today!

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