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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why doesn't the charity (Food for Famine Society) just put the money into MANA and save us from doing this? 

A: MOVE4MANA has several goals:

  • To educate youth about children with SAM in developing countries

  • Get youth and community members active 

  • Brings community together and creates school spirit


Q: What about Peanut Allergies?


  • Developing countries do not have peanut allergies 

  • Peanuts are the cheapest form of protein in the world (MANA is made from peanuts)

Q: What happens to the children after?


  • They monitor the progress of children and see that they usually continue with normal development

  • Other charities step in for older youth and adults

Q: Why cant we help the moms? 


  • There are many other charities that help the adults of the world 

  • SAM (Severe Acute Malnutrition) mostly affects under the age of 5 

  • When children are under the age of 5, they bare still developing - it is a crucial time 

Q: Why doesn't the money for prizes just go into MANA?


  • We do not ask for money from our participants. We are not raising money for our charity. We simply ask for activity points from our participants. Other sponsors step in to help us with prizes because they see the value in this initiative. 

  • Prizes are an incentive participate and stay active during the challenge (Everyone likes a reward)

Q: Why does it matter if we cheat, doesn't it just save lives anyway?


  • A chance to educate about moral values

  • Honour System

  • Cheating means cheating our very generous sponsor Maria Martini and her charity Food for Famine Society 


Q: Why don't we help kids here?


  • We do not have babies in Canada suffering with SAM

  • We have a great healthcare system in Canada

Q: Why are we helping kids halfway across the world? 


  • There are many other clubs and groups in the school and other charities helping people here 

  • We choose to go to a country that really needs our help

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