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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Activity Points convert to RUTF for children?


The main sponsor, Food For Famine Society (FFF) converts the points to RUTF packets. The calculation is based on:

25 steps = 1 Active Point

200 Active Points = 1 RUTF Packet

150 RUTF Packets = 1 Life Saved


Why doesn't the charity (Food for Famine Society) purchase RUTF and ship it to children suffering from SAM?? 


Food For Famine Society has several goals:

  • To educate youth about children with SAM in developing countries

  • Empower and inspire the next generation to keep working at solving world hunger

  • Encourage youth to be healthy, get active locally but think globally.

  • Bring communities together and create school spirit

How does the RUTF get to the children who need it?

FFF works with World Vision Canada and their team on the front lines in the countries most touched by war, famine and need. FFF sends full shipping containers of RUTF through the World Vision Canada and the RUTF is distributed to children under the age of 5 with severe acute malnutrition.

What happens to the children after their 6 week program of RUTF?

  • The children are monitored by the teams at World Vision Canada. Other programs and charities step in to help older youth and adults.


If RUTF is peanut-based, what about Peanut Allergies?

  • Developing countries do not have peanut allergies 

  • Peanuts are the cheapest form of protein in the world

  • The RUTF is proudly made from peanuts by MANA Nutrition in Georgia, USA​


Why doesn’t MOVE4MANA help kids in BC or Canada?

  • Canada does not have infants suffering with Severe Acute Malnutrition.


How long is a MOVE4MANA Challenge?

  • Each challenge lasts 2 weeks


How much time is needed to prepare?

  • Generally 6-8 weeks is required for the planning stage for your MOVE4MANA event 

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